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7 things to do this summer vacation

Summer vacation is the time when teachers bid farewell to the students to welcome them again, the next academic session. This is the most exciting time kids wait for throughout the year!

Parents are now completely in charge of their kids- it’s their duty to engage children in recreational activities. Parents often ponder over what could be done to ensure that the summer vacation turns to be a boon rather than a bane!
Here are seven useful things to do this summer vacation in Hyderabad:

1. Let the budding chef grow!
  • Usually, as parents, we tend to discourage children from entering the kitchen, fearing the mess that the little chefs finish would make.
  • Let kids try their hand at small dishes, to begin with. Encourage them to explore the internet for easy recipes.
  • Ensure kids stay safe while handling sharp knives and other cutting and chopping tools.

Little chef at work

2. Encourage kids to read
  • Get children a membership to the local library or knowledge center.
  • Encourage them to read magazines, novels, and encyclopedias.
  • Parents too need to participate in the reading activity so this turns into a fun learning activity.
3. Explore summer vacation places in Hyderabad
  • Take kids out to explore the city and its monuments.
  • Ask them to research about the monuments and places before they actually visit them.
  • This would ensure that the kids develop an interest in our rich heritage and culture.
  • This summer vacation, when you take your kid on an outing in the city, make sure you educate him about the importance of our heritage and the need to preserve the city’s colorful culture.

Explore your city’s culture and heritage!

4. Go healthy
  • Summer vacation can also be the ideal time to take up Yoga, aerobics, dance classes, etc. Such activities would help kids stay fit and healthy.
  • While kids might remain indoors most of the time thanks to the intense heat, summer vacation in Hyderabad is the ideal time to help your kids stay in shape.
5. Have fun sleepovers!
  • Allow children to invite their friends and cousins to stay at your place.
  • Let them take a break from usual routine and relax.
  • Talking and playing with friends who belong to similar age group is a great way to unwind!
6. Summer vacation is the best time to cultivate hobbies
  • Encourage your child to develop an interest into a hobby. It could be something as simple as studying butterflies in your garden, making a scrapbook, swimming, gardening, etc.
  • Hobbies are scientifically proven to be great stress busters. They also make children more creative and informed.
7. Help them style their rooms, their way
  • This summer vacation, let your child decorate his room in accordance with his tastes and wishes.
  • Help him clear the clutter. Teach him the importance of cleanliness. Let him realize how cleanliness is next to godliness.
  • Ask your kid to sort our old clothes, toys, and books and encourage him to donate these to those in need.

This summer vacation, do not let your kids spend their days lazing around watching TV or surfing the internet. Encourage them to go out and spend time outdoors. There are numerous summer vacation places in Hyderabad that could be explored!

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