The school has more than 50 eco-friendly classrooms. Each classroom has inbuilt TV/projector with multi-media support, writing boards, soft boards, custom made furnitures and lockers for the students. With technological support, our teachers provides guidance to the students in an interesting and interactive manner.


The park adjacent to our school is about 3 acres with pleasant environment. It is equipped with play zone, green sitting area and walk paths to develop physical strength of the students.


Our science lab brings learning to life as students get to explore, experiment and form their own conclusions. We make sure that our students are provided with all facilities required for a practical experience – in Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs.


Mathematics laboratory serves to teach students about different methodologies and bridges the gap between the real and the abstract world. Their skills of reasoning, logical thinking and connecting ideas enhance with every lab session.


Information technology has become integral to every walk of life. With fully equipped computer lab, we expose students early to computer education.


The very idea of the activity rooms are to nurture the inner potential of every student, to give wings to their creativity and to enhance their skills. Activity rooms play a vital role in strengthening the talents of every individual.

Art room creates opportunities for developing varied artistic interest among students. The music room is equipped with varied musical instruments. The yoga room enhances the art of relaxation and concentration to foster healthy body, mind and soul.


Integrating robotics into our curriculum fulfils the need of present-day learning environments. The school aims at strengthening the bottom-line understanding of science, technology, mathematics in a collaborative manner.


Our school library, a treasure trove of knowledge, has state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide students a place to learn, think and share ideas. 


The basement of the school is perpectually abuzz with all indoor play zone like skating ring, table tennis, chess, carom etc.,. The objective is to include every game that can enhance overall physical and mental development of the students.


Sports arena is bounded with basket ball court, cricket pitch, tennis court, badminton court. Along with academic enrightment, physical skills are given equal priority in progressing the overall development of the students.


The school cafeteria is a double floor building designed with a seating capacity for approximately 250 students in each floor. Apart from this a separate mini cafeteria is structured for pre-primary students. The cafeteria serves breakfast, lunch and evening snacks. It serves Indian, Chinese, Continental and a variety of other cuisines.

The menu is drawn up by expert dieticians and cooked on campus under stringent quality controls. The serving materials are provided with high standard of hygiene.