Year Planner


APRIL 2019
Theme Welcome Back to School
03rd April New Session 2019-20 for All Grades Welcome to School-Activity for All Grades
05th April Ugadi Celebrations
06th April Ugadi-Holiday
13th April Summer Vacation begins
JUNE 2019
Theme Happiness
05th June Idul-Fitr-Holiday
12th June School Reopens for All Grades
15th June Orientation session for the parent of All Grades
21st June Yellow Day -Activity for PP
28th June Movie Time for PP
Show and Tell Competition for Grades I & II
JAM activity for Grades III-V
Talent search competition for Grade 6 and above
JULY 2019
Theme Beauty of Nature
08th July PT-1 for All Grades
12th July Activity-Messy day for Nursery
19th July Green day (Plantation) -Activity for PP
20th July PMI for All Grades
26th July Field Trip for PP
Card Making Competition for Grades I-II
Fireless cooking competition for Grades III-V
Extempore competition for Grade 6 and above
Themes Our Country
02nd August Mini Olympics for PP and Grade I-V
09th August Rakhi making-Activity for Nursery to Grade II
12th August Id-Ul-Adha (Bakrid) – Holiday
15th August Independence Day Celebrations
16th August Blue day (save water)-Activity for Nursery to Grade II
23rd August Field Trip For PP
Salad making competition for Grades I-II
Talent Search Competition for Grades III-V
Flower arrangement competition for Grade 6 and above
24th August Krishna Janmashtami- Holiday
30th August Ganesh Idol Making -Activity for Nursery to Grade II
Themes Our Family
02nd September Ganesh Chaturti- Holiday
05th September Teacher’s Day Celebrations
09th September Half Yearly Exam for Grades Nursery - VIII begins
10th September Moharram-Holiday
21st September Grandparents Day for PP
27th September Brown Day (Show and tell)-Activity for PP
28th September PMI for All Grades
Themes Festivals of India
3rd October Dussehra celebrations-Activity for Nursery to Grade II
05th October 1stTerm Vacation begins
14th October School Re-opens after Vacation
18th October Field Trip for PP
Drawing and Coloring Competition for Grades I and II
Best out of Waste Competition for Grades III-V
Mocktail Competition for Grade 6 and above
24th October Diya decoration -Activity for Nursery to Grade II
26th -28th October Diwali – Holiday
31st October Halloween Celebration -Activity for Nursery to Grade II
Themes Thanksgiving
01st November Sports day for All Grades
08th November Drawing and coloring Activity for PP
14th November Children’s Day Celebration
23rd November Annual function -2019
Themes Merry Christmas
06th December PT-3 for All Grades
09th December PT-2 for Grades Nursery -VIII begins
21st December PMI for All Grades
24th December X-mas Celebration for Nursery to Grade II
25th December II term Vacation begins
30th December School reopens after Vacation
Themes Ek Bharat Swachh Bharat
01st January New Year – Holiday
10th January Pongal Celebrations for Nursery to Grade II
14th January Bhogi - Holiday
15th January Sankranthi – Holiday
18th January Thinkroom Day
24th January Spell bee competition for Nursery to Grade II
26th January Republic Day Celebration
Themes Friends Forever
17th February Final Exam for All Grades
21st February Shivaratri – Holiday
29th February Graduation Ceremony for PP2
MARCH 2020
Themes Hard work always pays
07th March PMI for All Grades
10th March Holi - Holiday
12th March Commencement for the new session 2020-21 for All Grades
25th March Ugadi– Holiday