Facilitators Training Workshop

“Empowering Teachers is the key to Enhancing Education “

AVN VIDA International School under the guidance of the principal Mrs. Renu Chakraborty organized an eventful and enriching orientation programme for teachers on 25th March’19. It was a brainstorming session for the teachers highlighting the teacher’s responsibilities, exam pattern, major school events, classroom management and commitments. The session was very informative and it inclined the teachers to know their responsibilities for effective overall development.
“A Learning Curve is Essential to Growth”

AVN Vida International School Follows “Chrysalis Curriculum”. The main objective of the curriculum is to waken the child’s mind to bring out the human potentiality. The training programme was conducted by Ms. Apra, Mrs. Ruchitha and Mr. Gulam from 26th March’19 to 28th March’19. The orientation was given to teachers to enable them to understand various techniques of teaching methodologies for effective teaching learning process. The training provided an opportunity for facilitators to modify their teaching methods in an effective manner.