The Top 10 Skills Children Should Learn in 2023
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The Top 10 Skills Children Should Learn in 2023

Given the ever-shifting world-scape in today’s time, our children are voyaging through a time that bears little resemblance to the world their parents or even older siblings once knew. The journey is dominated by the rise of new technologies, the continuous evolution of our social media, and the turbulent economic situation.

But one thing remained constant. As parents, we often tend to go overboard with our expectations from the kids. Knowingly or unknowingly, parents form a lot of expectations from their kid(s). does this create pressure on them? In most situations, yes. With the demand of time, schools and educational institutions like the top international school in Gachibowli also tend to make restraining rules. Those also add up to the children’s stress.

But what if there’s a way out to overcome this situation? In the coming days, the world will be even more competitive than it is today. And the scolding that your kid hates today will turn out to be blessing in disguise for them. The guidance from parents and teachers can help the children to learn and develop certain skills that would not just help them in their school lives, but also be a lifelong treasure.

These tender years are the best time to teach them there’s more to excelling academically; it’s about nurturing the skills that will prepare them for the boundless future ahead. Wouldn’t everybody admire if they see your girl leave her seat to an elderly on a crowded bus? Won’t it make your heart fill with gratitude when you see your boy saving his pocket money to buy a packet of biscuits to feed some stray dogs?

Speaking with the teachers of International schools in Gachibowli, they feel that in the age of technological marvels parents must also actively teach kids on how to develop empathy and the capacity to communicate with others from all backgrounds. The goal here is to help our children navigate these transitional times with hearts and minds that are open and resilient. As a guardian, you should also teach them to appreciate the beauty and complexity of a world that is constantly evolving rather than simply preparing them for the future.

Let’s discuss the top ten skills that children must learn in 2023 that are also taught in the best CBSE international school in Hyderabad

  • Problem-Solving Skills: In the actual world, problem-solving skills are essential. Encourage kids to exercise critical thought and come up with original answers to problems they face every day. They get the ability to adapt and get beyond challenges as a result.
  • Time Management: Creating a balanced sense of time can help children to prioritise academics as well as their extra curricular activities.  their academic and extracurricular activities. It develops their sense of responsibility and makes them more disciplined.
  • Communication Skills: Strong communication skills are necessary in today’s globalised environment. Active listening, empathy, and good speaking and writing are all included in this. Children who can speak effectively are better able to form bonds with others and work together.
  • Digital literacy: It is essential to know how to utilise technology effectively and safely in the modern world. This includes discernment in assessing internet material as well as fundamental computing abilities.
  • Critical thinking: Encourage children to critically evaluate information by challenging them. It helps them to make sensible and analytical decisions and avoid believing false information by using critical thinking.
  • Adaptability: The ability to adapt is essential since change occurs frequently. In order to succeed in a variety of situations, children should learn to welcome new difficulties.
  • Financial literacy: We can set young children on the path to a safe financial future by teaching them the ideas of responsible money management.
  • Creativity: Fostering creativity helps kids think creatively, solve problems, and come up with original ideas and solutions.
  • Empathy and social skills: Teach kids to respect and comprehend the thoughts and feelings of others. These abilities are essential for creating wholesome connections and settling problems.
  • Resilience: It is an essential skill to have, specially during the growing years, to understand the world where setbacks are commonplace. Teach them how to overcome setbacks and learn from them rather than letting them demoralise them.

The Role of Parenting:

Parents significantly contribute to the development of these crucial abilities in children. Here are some pointers for good parenting in this situation:

  • Lead by Example: Set a good example for kids to follow. Show them through your own example how to do the things you want them to learn.
  • Open Communication: Encourage open and honest communication by having dialogues. As your youngster expresses worries, pay attention and offer advice.
  • Set Realistic Expectations: Be encouraging, but establish realistic expectations that are also attainable. Allow kids to encounter both achievement and failure.
  • Opportunities: As guardians, allow your kids a to practise and improve on whatever is their hobby or interest. Encourage thoughtful conversations on their choice of activities and see how happy they are.
  • Limit Screen Time: While digital literacy is important, spending too much time in front of a screen might interfere with learning other skills. The key is balance.
  • Teach Financial Responsibility: To create a feeling of financial responsibility, introduce age-appropriate concepts of saving, spending, and investing.
  • Encourage Reading: Reading is a doorway to creativity and knowledge. From an early age, foster a love of reading.
  • Create a Safe Environment: Let the kids take risks, fail, and learn from their errors.

In 2023 and beyond, it is vital for children to develop a diverse skill set to thrive academically and in their future lives. Problem-solving, time management, communication, digital literacy are some the major skills. To create a future generation that is confident, competent as well as empathetic is probably the best contribution we make in our days.

At AVN VIDA International School, the philosophy is deeply rooted in a set of enduring values: Wisdom, Virtue, and Service. These principles have withstood the test of time, serving as the bedrock of their educational approach.

The institution is committed to a vision that transcends boundaries and embraces students from diverse backgrounds around the world. They firmly believe that these young minds, nurtured in a supportive environment, will emerge as global leaders in the pursuit of world peace.

The students from AVN VIDA International School will have the knowledge and abilities required to handle the complexity of our constantly changing world. They will be highly knowledgeable about environmental issues, respectful of diversity, and capable of making defensible decisions. These future leaders will be shining examples of self-assurance, fortitude, entrepreneurship, and an unflinching dedication to bringing about a better, more peaceful world. With a focus on the future, the school makes sure that all of its students are not only ready for the now but also well-equipped to lead and succeed in a world that is continuously changing. Children today are growing in a world that is faster-paced and more connected than ever. Their lives have been significantly influenced by the internet and digital technology. the impact of these digital assets are undeniable. How they learn to read, play, learn, communicate has seen a sea-change and the coming days could even more challenging. But learning the evergreen life skills can help them grow better in the future days.

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