Space Quiz Competition-2021:

Master Nayan Matury, Grade IV of AVN Vida International School participated in the Space Quiz competition -2021 and won Fifth position. Team AVN Vida wishes him all success.”

SOF International Olympiad:

Master Nathan Chris, Grade III of AVN Vida International School Participated in the SOF International English Olympiad and secured 9th ranking at International level. Team AVN Vida congrats him for his excellence.


Winning tagline for Sahodaya Campaign

Marching towards a Covid Free Future.

Young Warriors

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) invited nationwide youths to join in the Young Warrior movement. This movement is to engage participants from the age group between 10 to 30 years against the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The ‘Young Warrior Movement’ is a joint initiative of the CBSE along with Sports and Health Ministries as well as YuWaah-UNICEF. The Participants of this movement will be awarded a certificate from UNICEF.

AVN Vida Warriors Ms. Eesha Bokka- Grade VI, Arleen J- Grade VIII & Aishya Raju- Grade VIII actively participated in the movement and received their UNICEF certification. Warm regards to the Warriors.